Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Voices and Stories from Ukerewe


These two stories were given to us by Mr. Alex Magaga, Chairman of Lake Victoria Children's organization.

Pendo is living with HIV/AIDS.  She lives in Bulamba village.  On learning of her status, her husbands family rejected her when her husband died of HIV/AIDS.  She slept in a dark corner at the far end of her father-in-laws house with her three children, Octavian, Elizabeth and Antony.  She felt ill all of the time because she wasn't getting treatment.

The LVC ambassador in the area learnt of her state, and offered support in the form of counseling, sharing experiences and meeting costs for her to get to hospital for treatment.  "My life has completely turned around, previously I felt ill all of the time, but now I am fine".   Pendo has now moved out of her husbands family house with her children, she rents a small house in the same village where she is happy and her children now go to school.   She sells fish in a daily evening local market to support her children.   "I really appreciate LVC's help", says Pendo.

LVC is still working with the family and supplies exercise books and pencils etc. to the children.

(Pendo still needs more support to continue providing for her children)


Mgole Maingu is a mother of five children and lives in Bulamba village on Ukerewe island.  In  one corner of her tiny hut which is about to collapse, are pieces of what was once a mattress wrapped in a piece of cloth.  In the other corner is a fireplace where she cooks.  She shares bedding with her children as her alcoholic husband abandoned the family to live in a fishing site doing net pulling type of fishing.  "He spends all of his money on alcohol" says Mgole.

All of Mgole's children are malnourished, they all have swollen bellies.  Her belly too is very large, but she is not pregnant.  "I am ill, feel weak and cannot work hard", she says.   She is only 32 but she looks 50.  The LVC ambassador in the area discovered this family, and the organization are now working hard to try and change their lives.  The two younger children are now going to school.  The older ones have never stepped into school premises in their lives, they are probably now too old for primary school in Tanzania.  However, they are desperate to get into school and learn how to write.  (Mgole needs to go to hospital for further medical checks and the children need to see a doctor and go to school. )

Mgole's family house is in the background.  The children are Kakulu, Toto, Bahitwa, Balongo and Scolastica.  The  LVC ambassador Helped Bahitwa and Balongo get into school.

We will make sure that families like this receive some of the items being shipped, to try to improve their lives and to bring some happiness to the children.

Would it be possible for you to help too?

Until the next time,

Best Wishes,

Derek and Diane.

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