Monday, March 12, 2012

Meeting Mr. Alex Magaga

Hello again,

Mr. Alex Magaga (Chairman of Lake Victoria Children's Society) is in England for a couple of months helping Mr. Harry Freeland, who is making a documentary about people with Albinism in Tanzania.  Alex is translating from Swahili to English.

We were very fortunate that Alex had a long week end off, and came to visit us at Filey.  We picked him up at York Railway Station.  On our way back to Filey we stopped at the home of two of our group who had commissioned the manufacture of a Briquette Making Machine which will be shipped out to Ukerewe in the container next month.

During his stay he visited a local village pub where he learned how to play darts.

A visit was also made to our local Junior School where he met the Mayor and Mayoress of Filey and the Head Teacher of the school .....

who gave him the opportunity to tell two of the classes about life and education on the island where he lives........

and answer their questions.

He met many Rotarians and friends who made him very welcome.  Thank you to our local Supermarket who presented him with a book on the History of Filey.  We would especially like to thank Jenny Walker of the charity Southern Africas Children, for organising his visit to us.

Alex was overwhelmed by the kindness and warm reception that he received during his stay and said that it was amazing how many people were trying to assist his community.  He looks forward to the next visit by the team in July to Ukerewe, and the opportunity to show us more of the island and his people.

It was a pleasure to have him with us.

Until the next time,

Best Wishes,
Derek and Diane.

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